Alleyway Attack.

Written by Morgan Stavrinou.

A tragedy happened on the 31st of September in the town of Sheerness, in an alleyway. A twenty-year-old woman was violently punched and dragged into an alleyway by a suspected stranger, between Alma Road and Berridge Road. The woman was then raped by a reported stranger. The incident happened at 1:00am, the stranger committed the crime due to a lack of empathy. To help capture the attacker, Detective Chief Inspector Neil Kimber is requesting that residents check through camera footage such as CCTV, doorbell, and dashcams to see if there was any suspicious activity. If there have been unusual activities caught, police are asking that the public call into their witness appeal line.

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Finding The Stranger.

To help the police, a report of the stranger’s appearance has been released. The victim reports that the suspect is a white male with a heavy build and is suffering from balding. It was also noted down that the man was wearing, dark grey jumper and light grey trousers.

Not much information has been released to the public about the victim or any recent updates in the case. Kent police are gathering as much forensic evidence and footage as possible to help widen the search for the stranger.

Kimber shared the statement “We are making a number of enquiries and have already seized a significant amount of CCTV and gathered forensic evidence.” Thanks to statements from the police, they make sure to emphasize that they’re on a manhunt trying to find the criminal.



Attacks like this are very serious as there is no consent involved. The assault can be committed by anyone from a stranger to a close friend. Rainn has said that “8 out of 10 rapes” are committed by someone that the victim knows. The NH’s website states that rape is usually carried out by someone that knows the victim, this could be a friend, partner, or co-worker.

Strangers play a big part in this. 19.5% of sexual assault attacks are committed by a random person. It’s also shown that strangers tend to be more aggressive. This is evident by the young woman being punched before being dragged into the alleyway In Sheerness.

The twenty-year-old reported that she was raped by someone she doesn’t know. When releasing information to the public, Kimber stated that “Stranger incidents of this nature are rare, and we are committed to ensuring a thorough investigation whilst supporting the victim throughout the process.”

Similar Stories.

There have been similar stories where young women have been assaulted in alleyways. Daily Mail shared that an 18-year-old was raped in “broad daylight” in an alleyway in her hometown Wibsey, next to a pub.

From the Evening Standard. In Camden, during a night out in London 24-year-old woman was raped in an alleyway. She went to get a kebab and was followed out by a man who was also in the shop who was stood near her. The police managed to use CCTV footage to catch the man. The police are using the same technique from this story to help find the stranger who was wearing grey jumper and grey trousers.


“Sexual violence or assault can happen to anyone of any age: men, women, and children,” says Bernie Ryan, manager at St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Manchester. The crime survey for England and Wales that was conducted at the end of March in 2017 had the data explaining that by the age of sixteen, 20% of women have experienced a form of sexual assault while men have experienced 4%.  Meaning that over 3.4 million females and 631,000 males of the British population have been a victim of sexual assault.

Male Statistics.

From research and data, it highlights that women are more vulnerable to being raped compared to men.

Out of the British population, 57% of people that are convicted of sexual assault tend to be white males. But on the other hand, about half of men have had an unwanted sexual experience. Ever since 2012 when the FBI broadened the meaning of rape, more awareness and attention is being spread about men being raped.

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It’s important to know that whatever the situation is, sexual assault is not right and it’s never the victim’s fault.

If you have been a victim of sexual assault, it’s important to report it. In the long run, this will help you and others in the future. There are many ways to report a crime. You could send in a police report online, call the police by using the 101 number, visit a police station or even let someone else report it for you.

Being assaulted can really impact someone’s mental health, by possibly inflicting trauma, anxiety, and depression.

A way to recover from the trauma is by opening up to someone. This could be someone you trust, a support group, or even call a support line.  Make sure you have time for yourself, make sure to eat, sleep and exercise regularly, surround yourself with things you enjoy.

Know the signs.

If you have a feeling someone you know and care about has been through sexual assault, it’s important to notice the signs. One could be- If they have started isolating themselves from group activities and sudden change in behavior. Difficulty trusting others and maintaining relationships. Another sign could be physical, they could have bruises, broken or dislocated bones. It’s important to pay attention to these details so you can help and support them through a tough time.

The young twenty-year-old woman called the police to report her assault. Doing this has made people safer and more aware of this man who could be lurking around. It’s recommended to get into contact with the police for yours and others safety. For more support on this subject, you could call and get in contact with a Rape support line from this number: 0300 111 0777.

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