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Should we fear the coming age of AI?

 | Tags: , | 4th February 2022

AI or artificial intelligence is communication demonstrated by robots, as opposed to humans. They have brain-like functions, barring the emotional aspect. AI makes it possible for machines to learn from practice and perform human-like tasks. They depend on levels of understanding and language processing. After reading an Op Ed, written by AI in the Guardian, I believe that if anything, this innovative technology is a blessing. We should use it to benefit our world.

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AI is a positive change we need in this generation.

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The world is evolving, and technology is advancing. In fact, technology is so advanced to the point where we have talking robots that are smarter than some of the most intelligent people on the planet. The future is robots and that is nothing to fear. If the robots are made correctly with the right information and process, then our futures’ look to be smooth and easy.

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Should we fear the evolution of AI?

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In 1951, the first ever expert systems were created in the University of Manchester; a checkers running program. In the modern world, the use of robotic creations has expanded rapidly. Back in 2016, Sophia, a humanoid robot, made an appearance in the media making her the world’s first social AI that can converse with human life. Who knows where we will stand in the future?

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Why AI Could Be Detrimental to the Future of Media.

 | Tags: , | 2nd February 2022

Artificial intelligence, known as AI, is a high technology branch of computer science. It has the ability as a robot or computer to manage and complete human tasks that usually require the human’s mind of intelligence and judgement.

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FRANCO FRENZY: James Franco admits he slept with students!

 | Tags: , , | 19th January 2022

Actor, James Franco admits he slept with his former students, revealing the truth within the 2018 allegations. Franco, 43,  is best known for his roles in ‘Pineapple Express’ and ‘127 hours’ for  which he received an Oscar nomination. Lead photo by Lum3n on Pexels.

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Living With GNE Myopathy: an interview with Valenee Gosine.

 | Tags: | 16th December 2021

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Canada’s Controversy: MP’s vote to ban Conversion Therapy.

 | Tags: , | 15th December 2021

Canada’s House of Commons have unanimously voted to ban the discredited practice known as, Conversion Therapy. Opposing MPs came together to vote on the long-awaited decision.

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Personal Business – Why Don’t we Have Comfort for All?

 | Tags: | 2nd December 2021

Throughout the years, we can conclude that a vast majority of teenagers have become more confident in their own identity, as well as the rights they feel like they deserve – more so, with their own sexuality and gender.

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No Time To Drive.

 | Tags: , | 23rd November 2021

Driving while drunk continues to be a problem even as laws stiffen and cars get safer, with people continuing to get behind the wheel after a few too many pints. We ask ourselves, is it still as big a problem as it used to be?

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The Continuation Of Conflict.

 | Tags: , | 17th November 2021

With the recent passing of the annual Remembrance Day, the controversial topic of war spread throughout the world has once again been brought to our attention – as of now, with there being currently forty ongoing wars and conflicts with over one hundred combat deaths, it begs the question of whether this will be an issue that humanity will have to indefinitely endure.

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