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Youth Summit at Goldsmiths University

 | Tags: | 21st June 2019

Spiela recently hosted The Blue Borough Youth Summit at Goldsmiths, University of London. See how Jade brings all the views, talent and opportunities from the event together.

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The Wilmington Big Clean

 | Tags: | 20th June 2019

In a time where the treatment of our own environment has never been under more scrutiny, it is that same sense of community spirit that will see significant change be brought around on a much larger scale.

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TV commentator inspires students

 | Tags: | 19th June 2019

Premiership Commentator Rob Daly visits Dartford college to work with Digital Journalists

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Madame Osterberg’s legacy lives on

 | Tags: |

The Origins of North Kent College | Birth of Netball | First woman to teach PE | Invention of the gym slip

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The Class of 2019 – Creating a legacy for the future

 | Tags: |

As the academic year reaches its end, our first ever cohort of digital Journalists have been working hard to add the finishing touches to their final Major projects.

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Mental Health: We’re All in It Together

 | Tags: | 20th May 2019

North Kent College leadership create fresh initiatives to help support our mental health. New ‘First Aider’ roles established to guide staff towards greater awareness and the confidence to offer the right kind of advice

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Principal Views

 | Tags: | 3rd May 2019

Our college principal David Gleed shares his views on the latest shifts in education, technology, media, and the value of the student experience…

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