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NBA Youngboy 1

The Sad Truth about NBA Youngboy

 | Tags: , , | 11th December 2020

NBA Youngboy, known as Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, has successfully changed the hip hop industry following his 5th album release this year, with 4 of the 5 being #1 top charting in the USA, after the first week of being out. The rapper has also been making headlines recently, following the announcement of his 7th child at age 21 with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna. Kentrell has also released his collaborative project with Rich The Kid, Nobody Safe, only a week after releasing his 4th mixtape of the year, Until I Return.

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Roy Jones and Mike Tyson


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Saturday the 28th of November witnessed an alternative fight night in the U.S. – headlining a clash of the legends between Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones JR. The 2 former champions returned to the ring to take part in an 8 round exhibition bout following months of hype – mapping their progression in training and getting back into shape at their older age – which is inspiring to say the least. The event had an official undercard including many big names and some interesting results… But is this matching of past greats becoming a growing trend for the future of boxing?

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Changing Environment

Are we heading towards a 6th mass extinction?

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We are living in unprecedented times. The pandemic has cost countless lives and the world’s economy is flattening. With all of these unexpected problems we are facing globally, it’s impossible to ignore the long- term damage that could occur from climate change. All we need to do is switch on the news to see how this has become the dominant issue of our time. The climate is rapidly increasing, at a speed exceeding any changes for the last 10,000 years. The human population, which has increased by 130% in the last 50 years and is set to rise to more than 10 billion by 2060, has increased the demand for resources tenfold. The pressure on the natural world is growing, as is the potential to cause irreversible damage to life and the environment. So, what are the experts saying? And are we genuinely entering what is being described as the 6th mass extinction?

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Period poverty: Scotland is the first country in the world to make women’s ‘Luxuries’ free

 | Tags: , , , | 2nd December 2020

Scotland has become the first country to make all menstrual products free to the public.

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Character

“Women Don’t sell.” Or do they?

 | Tags: , , , | 27th November 2020

Ubisoft has released the latest installment to the Assassins creed series. Players can now experience a Viking journey which builds on this history the previous games have set down as foundation. However, it has not been a smooth production, behind the scenes the studio has been exposed for brushing sexual harassment under the rug.

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Diego Maradona Lifts the World Cup

Diego Maradona: Argentinian football legend dies aged 60

 | | 26th November 2020

Football icon Diego Maradona, who was regarded as the greatest of all time, has died age 60 after suffering a heart attack just weeks after undergoing successful brain surgery.

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Dinosaur Discover

T. Rex relative found in the Isle of Wight

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A new species of Tyrannosaur dinosaur has been discovered in the Isle of Wight, England. Four bones that were found in Shanklin last year are now believed to belong to a new species of meat eating theropod dinosaur.

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James Bond

The Name’s Bond, James Bond

 | Tags: , , , , | 13th November 2020

Thomas Sean Connery best known as “Sean Connery” has sadly passed away at the age of 90. He was mainly known for being the lead role in James Bond films from 1962-71, as well as making a reappearance in 1983. We’re summarising some of his best moments here, and paying a tribute to a very eventful life journey – from humble beginnings on the streets of Edinburgh to star studded walkways of Hollywood.

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How Safe is TikTok?

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Over the last few years since its launch, the internet has been drawn to the indescribable addiction of the social media platform, TikTok. The app has surpassed over 800 million active users worldwide, making it the 4th most used in the world in 2019. The app has also been found to be the only one in the top 5 that is not owned by Facebook.

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“I Only Have One Parent Left, My Mum. I want To Spend More Time With Her.”

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On October 24th, At UFC 254 lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov retained his title via a triangle choke in the second round against Justin Gaethje. In his post-fight interview, he made the shocking statement that he would retire from the sport after a promise he made to his mother. She did not want him to fight without his late father on this earth, Khabib convinced her to let him fight this one last time and then vowed to not fight again. What does this mean for the lightweight division? Will he say retired? UFC president Dana white and other MMA journalists hint otherwise.

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