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Lessons In Lockdown

 | Tags: , , , , | 30th June 2020

The last 15 weeks have impacted on college life like never before. Now, as we approach the end of the academic year, some of our digital journalists reflect on their lockdown experiences, their frustrations with the ‘media’ industry, and their hopes for a brighter future.

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Black Lives Matter

 | Tags: | 8th June 2020

Members of the local community came together at the weekend in a show of solidarity for #Blacklivesmatter. Through a demonstration of socially distanced speech, music and reflection, the rally raised crucial awareness for the power of peaceful protest.

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Fifteen Minutes of Game: In Defence of the Worlds Most Popular Hobbies

 | Tags: | 4th June 2020

Anyone that has ever used a console does so for a multitude of reasons such as a stress reliever, a therapeutic process or a temporary escape from their real lives. It is safe to say that Gaming has had a colossal impact on the way we live and society as a whole.

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Notes On A Conditional Form

 | Tags: |

‘The end of an era’. The 1975 announced that ‘Music For Cars’, the name given to the band’s album sequels, was going to be the last chapter to the band’s albums. Releasing ‘A Brief Enquiry To Online Relationships’ in 2018 and now ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ in 2020. This is a review by myself exploring all the emotions I felt as I was listening to the album for the first time.

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Remembering Corey La Barrie

 | Tags: | 21st May 2020

The Late YouTuber Loved and Missed by Many On the night of May 10th 2020 the YouTube community lost one of their own. Out celebrating his 25th birthday, Corey La Barrie was a passenger in a drunk driving accident that tragically took his life. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that the driver, Daniel Joseph […]

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Australian Bush Fires: Over half a billion animals have died and the environment will struggle to regrow.

 | Tags: | 22nd January 2020

On the 11th of November 2019, a small fire started in Ravensbourne, Australia. Over the next several days it managed to burn through over 20,000 hectares of land. Now Australia are facing their most horrific environmental struggle of 12.1 million acres of land being set alight. The Australian fire brigade have been fighting the brutal […]

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