After realising her passion for radio, while in higher education Sophie decided to pursue a career by starting off on a well known award winning Birmingham based internet station she was then offered a place on a Media, Radio and Digital Journalism course at North Kent College (Dartford Campus).

She was then offered her very own live breakfast show one day a week on the colleges radio station, Sophie decided as her first final major project to produce, record and air live a concert by North Kent’s Miskin Music students two consecutive nights. As a result she made herself invaluable and was asked on many occasions to assist with the colleges Outdoor Live Broadcasts.

Sophie then took it upon herself to approach multiple different local enterprises to promote and adverse them. She was very quickly taken up on her offer by the Dartford Orchard Theatre to promote their events and productions on her show, which subsequently gave her multiple interview opportunities with artists and celebrities.

Sophie’s Show includes:

  • Her fantasy top ten where she plays you her top ten favourite songs from the weeks top forty charts.
  • Her 2 songs that sound the same.
  • Random two favourite songs.

You can listen to her show every Monday 9-10am.