Alan currently presents these show(s) on Miskin Radio:

  • This Is My Country – Tuesdays at 10pm
  • Real Vision Rock Show – Wednesdays at 8pm
  • Real Vision Blues Show – Thursdays at 8pm
  • The Oldies Show – Sundays at 12pm

Chris currently presents these show(s) on Miskin Radio:

  • Saturday Night Feast – Saturdays at 10pm

Dennis grew up in South East London and developed an early passion for music. He became an avid record collector and was a member of a school ‘beat group’, that (thankfully) few can remember. In his teens, he became a DJ ‘on the road’, in pubs and club and, in recent years, on radio. His rock, soul and rhythm & blues radio shows have been on the radio for over a decade now and, along the way, attracting UK and overseas audiences. He’s been a guest broadcaster in Holland and America and enjoys presenting shows that aim to find the ‘good stuff’ that you don’t hear on ‘ordinary radio’.

Dennis currently presents these show(s) on Miskin Radio:

  • Cruising with The Commissioner – Tuesdays at 7pm
  • The Blues Come Calling – Thursdays at 7pm
  • Doctor Roberts Sonic Tonic – Fridays at 7pm

Emily is the station manager for Miskin Radio. Emily has been a student here at our station base for three years. She has worked with Miskin Radio and produced a lot of content over her time studying here with us. Currently working as a freelancer, Emily is also a studio manager and sound engineer for Monocle Radio and a social media manager for Porsche racing teams. Emily has a passion for motorsports journalism and her ultimate career goal is to be in the Formula 1 paddock broadcasting on TV.

My name is Gary and I present A Blast From The 80s, 90s and 00s too.
Each show has it’s regular features and music that takes you back to these great decades each and every show…Each show tests your memory of certain songs, plus we look back at something from these decades that you also might remember, plus we play your first songs bought in these decades too.
So, join me here on Miskin Radio for lots of great music, memories or expand your listening pleasure.

Ian currently presents these show(s) on Miskin Radio:

  • Weekend Anthems – Fridays at 8pm

When Neil was a teenager his mates came round the house, listened to his music and looked at him in amazement asking…did you pay money for this? Decades later he still thinks he’s right and they were wrong and imagines his radio shows as an “all round to mine” session.

Neil currently presents these show(s) on Miskin Radio:

  • Strange Harvest – Sundays at 3pm (Broadcasts on the third week of each month)
  • Strange Fruit – Sundays at 10pm

Nicola Halliday currently kicks of Friday’s community evening segment on Miskin Radio with her informative news show:

  • Nicola’s News Show – Fridays at 6pm till 7pm.

“I am an NCTJ qualified freelance journalist and Kent born. I was a student at North Kent College a million years ago but I returned as a community member to Miskin Radio on the Drive Time Show slot on Friday’s at 6pm. I create and read in-depth news, providing updates in the local area as well as sport, showbiz and some talkies that are trending on Google. I also play songs you will love and some you may have forgotten, you will hear me say that weekly. I’m married with 3 children and 2 dachshunds that I call the Hounds of Dartford. I love to learn and rather guilty of being glued to my phone reading the news and educating myself.”

Rodney worked on music papers, record companies and a theatre group before starting radio with BBC Radio 1 and 2 in the early 1970s. He then moved to Radio Luxembourg as Director of News Programming and then became Managing Director of three ILR stations in London and Scotland. As well as presenting for Miskin, he is currently chairman of Isles FM.

Rodney currently presents these show(s) on Miskin Radio:

  • The Rodney Collins Show – Saturdays at 6pm
  • Radio Outreach – Sundays at 9am

After realising her passion for radio, while in higher education Sophie decided to pursue a career by starting off on a well known award winning Birmingham based internet station she was then offered a place on a Media, Radio and Digital Journalism course at North Kent College (Dartford Campus). She was then offered her very own live breakfast show one day a week on the colleges radio station, Sophie decided as her first final major project to produce, record and air live a concert by North Kent’s Miskin Music students two consecutive nights. As a result she made herself invaluable and was asked on many occasions to assist with the colleges Outdoor Live Broadcasts. Sophie then took it upon herself to approach multiple different local enterprises to promote and adverse them. She was very quickly taken up on her offer by the Dartford Orchard Theatre to promote their events and productions on her show, which subsequently gave her multiple interview opportunities with artists and celebrities.

Sophie currently presents these show(s) on Miskin Radio:

  • The Sophie D Show – Mondays at 9am

Steve currently presents these show(s) on Miskin Radio:

  • Old Record Club – Tuesdays at 8pm
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