From previously acting at the Miskin Theatre to now studying at Metfilm School, I have always known the media, in all its traces, was a calling to me. I had always thought about doing radio but never knew a way in until Leon coaxed me in under his wing and I have been there ever since. Once a Miskin, always a Miskin!

Ben has always had a passion for music since he was a child. He couldn’t sing or play instruments, so took to playing music. It was then he thought that it was pointless just listening to it when you can show it to a wider audience. This led him to Miskin Radio and North Kent College where his dream turned into reality.

I’ve always had a love of music, and in the past ran various fan clubs. When my daughter started at North Kent College doing her Radio Broadcasting and Communication course, I meet the tutors on open evening, mentioned that I was into music, got introduced to the training manager and the rest as they say it history! I started doing the Sunday show in April 2018 then somehow got roped into getting up at 5am on Fridays to do the breakfast show. Do I enjoy it? Yes! – maybe not getting up at 5am though!

Dennis (aka ‘The Commissioner’) has been a music enthusiast since his teenage years, building an impressive library of sometimes rare and hard to find music. In his teens, he built a reputation as a DJ ‘on the road’ bringing his mobile discotheque to clubs, pubs and social events. He has , since, become a well-established presenter on various radio stations with his rock, soul and rhythm & blues radio shows.

Music, cars & animals are my passion. Work experience at another radio station made me realise that this was what I wanted to do as a career. I worked at another station for a year, helping present a 60’s show on Saturday morning, and I then joined Miskin in 2018. I co-present the Friday Breakfast Show and the Sunday Morning Soiree. My dream job is to broadcast at the F1 Grand Prix – watch out David Coulthard!

James started his presenting career back in 2013 at the age of 20 and has produced numerous shows for Miskin Radio since. He is also probably the only person at the station to get away with playing the entire Dark Side of the Moon album on his local pub’s jukebox and claims that’s the best £3.50 he’s ever spent! On a typical weekend he can be found under the bonnet of his old car with a spanner in one hand and a microphone in the other, having a rant over British Leyland!

After seeing a friend present on an illegal pirate radio station, I decided radio looked like a fun thing to do, many years of playing Bette Midler in Hospital Radio followed, before a spell on a community station, it was then that I was welcomed into the comforting bosom of the Miskin Radio family.

When Neil was a teenager his mates came round the house, listened to his music and looked at him in amazement asking…did you pay money for this? Decades later he still thinks he’s right and they were wrong and imagines his radio shows as an “all round to mine” session.

Rodney worked on music papers, record companies and a theatre group before starting radio with BBC Radio 1 and 2 in the early 1970s. He then moved to Radio Luxembourg as Director of News Programming and then became Managing Director of three ILR stations in London and Scotland. As well as presenting for Miskin, he is currently chairman of Isles FM.

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